Daily Walking (Monday-Friday mid-day)


Daily exercise is a necessity for maintaining optimal physical health and mental well-being.  Beyond the obvious benefits of physical health and weight control, daily exercise helps curb behavioral issues as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Walking provides an outlet for your dog's energy, aids greatly in training, fulfills his/her natural roaming and exploring instincts and provides much needed social interaction.  

Physical and mental stimulation are essential to create a balanced and harmonious state of mind for your dog. A tired dog is a happy (and well-behaved) dog!


30 minute walk 

60 minute group walk/pack adventure available


Overnight Care

Overnight care is available in my home to ensure your dog receives around-the-clock care.  Rates vary depending on type of care and number of pets.  Please call to discuss your pet care needs in further detail.


Cat Sitting

Daily visits include feeding, fresh water, litter cleanup and playtime to ensure your cat's comfort and regular routine during your absence.  

30 minute visit 


Private Training

Private lessons are customized to address your specific training needs.  Sessions are generally an hour in length and written handouts on covered topics are provided.  





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